About Millepede

Millepede is an international business dedicated to development of innovative cable management products and processes that reduce installation time and environmental impact.

Millepede operate through two independent private companies.Iin the USA , Millepede Inc (MUS), servicing the Americas, and in UK, Millepede Marketing Ltd (MML), servicing Europe and the rest of the world.

The company was founded by an English physicist Andrew Harsley with a grant from the Prince's Youth Business Trust in the mid-1990s, and since then it has been developed and internationalized by entrepreneurs in the UK, USA and Australia.

Millepede production is based on two USA factories and two UK factories.

Expansion and production opportunities are being negotiated and developed in new territories, please contact us for any further information or if you are interested in becoming a distributor.   




The Millepede Mille-Tie remains the company's first and core product, and as well as having attracted several design awards, it has also been exhibited at the Houses of Parliament in London.

The patent that created the Mille-Tie also is adaptable enough to be used for several designs including the easy release version Quickstrip.

Mille-Tie has become the product of choice in the Fiber Optic and high performance cabling markets and used on Military projects such as the British Type 45 Destroyer, where cable protection is vital. 

Besides the Mille-Tie, the company has also developed a system for molding polymers more cost effectively via a continuous injection molding process, and is currently experimenting with plastic strengthening technology which will allow many metal items to be replaced with plastic ones

The latest range are push-pull, cable installation tools the Mille-Rod. Used by major companies like IBM, and includes the innovative polymer range.

Millepede is also set to introduce various products related to the Mille-Tie in the near future, all conforming to the organization's environmental principles and its determination to innovate and develop the Millepede brand. We are committed to providing our valued customers with a continuing range of exciting new products.

Further information regarding our R&D programs can be obtained by e-mailing us at enquiries@millepede.com, or via the details given in the contacts sections.


What the professionals think

“Not only can regular nylon cable ties be put on too tight but also they shrink over time and squeeze the cables as they dry out.”

Mark Bullivant (RCDD) – Royal Signals Regiment (MOD)

Mark Bullivant , UK