US Distributors

Anixter, Inc.
1-800-ANIXTER in US

Anixter is one of the world's largest datacom distributors and is a great source for Millepede products if you are a contractor or large company.

Cable Organizer
Ft. Lauderdale, FL. 33309

Cable Organizer is a terrific online partner for Millepede. They carry our complete product line and are consumer friendly as well. Just order online. 


Quest Technology, Inc.

Miami, FL. 1-800-280-1067

 Quest is a special master distributor of the Mille-Rod Polymer Series. In fact, we specially designed 2 Mille-Rod bundles just for them. A great source for distributors to buy the Mille-Rod.


Watman, Inc.


Contact: Chuck Smolowitz


 Master Distributor for all retail and wholesale products, carry the full range of Millepede products.




What the professionals think

“Fast, safe and easy to use. We use them in any cable tie situation...
Save money, time and get a better product!”

R Whittaker, Sheffield UK