Millepede Mille-Rod Standard Range - Cable fitting range

This high quality affordable range is the ideal entry system for the amateur and
professional user alike. Mille-Rod Standard range enables the installation of
wire and cable over long runs and through hard to access voids and cavities.
Made from high quality 4mm (0.15 inch) GRP, these rods with their specially
engineered joints are individually tested to 80 kg (176 lbs). The ultra short joints
ensure maximum bending when the rods are connected by reducing the flat
spots at each thread point. Each joint is also engineered to ensure a very low
profile to reduce snagging risk. The use of Mille-Rod allows cables to be installed
with minimum disruption, avoiding time-consuming and costly re-decoration.
The essential addition to every tool set!
• High performance GRP (Glass Reinforced
Plastic) Rods – Each tested to 80 Kg (176 lbs)
• Ultra short joints for maximum bend
• Low profile threads for reduced snag risk.
• Flexible range of attachments to
accommodate almost any requirement.
• Extendable by adding additional sets.


What the professionals think

I really Like the Mille-Rods because they are so compact and thread together easily vs. glo-sticks and they fit in the tool box! I do commercial and residential construction also, so I guarantee we will be using them on those jobs....Money Well Spent!

Thanks Again Mark!

Wyoming Electrician, USA